No prior fitness or mixed martial arts skills required.  At Delaware Grappling we strive to provide an atmosphere for all skill levels..

Delaware Grappling is an official affiliate of Snake Pit U.S.A under coach Joel Bane.  Our Catch as Catch Can Wrestling program we use an easy to understand curriculum with guidelines that include both student & coach levels. This curriculum was developed to provide guidance and ensure technical proficiency, while promoting the growth of real Catch Wrestling to individuals of all skill levels.

Our academy focuses on pure Gracie Jiu-jitsu Self-defense and offers classes to men and women and children as young as 5. We are conveniently located in Sussex County Delaware and are within driving distance to the beautiful beaches of Delaware and Ocean City,MD.

Delaware Grappling is operated by Kevin Outten, under Professor Carlos Catania. Kevin is a combat veteran, retired First sergeant and holds the additional rank of 4th degree Tang Soo Do black belt. He is a former Modern Army Combative Instructor, current firearms instructor and former law enforcement officer.

Our Programs:

  • Private one to one training is available
  • Kids BJJ, Kids Cath-as-Catch-Can Wrestling
  • Adults BJJ
  • Self-Defense Training for Men, Women & Children